Single Channel Wireless Telemetry Systems

Battery and Induction Powered Solutions

Accumetrics’ Single Channel Telemetry Systems allow for a simple way to measure torque, temperature or voltage from a rotating shaft. They are designed for easy installation into tight spaces, without requiring shaft modifications on existing machinery.

These systems are used for R&D testing, production testing, troubleshooting, and on-road testing. Applications include: Automotive, Agricultural, Aerospace & Defense, Test and Measurement, and Power Generation.

The product line includes three single channel telemetry options to choose:

PowerBattery Induction Induction
Test DurationShort-term Short/Long-term Permanent
TX MountingAramid Fiber Strap Aramid Fiber Strap Split Clamp Collar
Temp (RTD/thermocouple)
Temp (RTD only)
Temp (RTD only)
Excitation3.6 V 5 V 5 V
Resolution12-bit 16-bit 16-bit
*Bandwidth1.2 kHz 2 kHz 2 kHz
Overview VideoAT-5000 OverviewAT-4500 Overview 
*Higher bandwidths are available