Wireless Telemetry Applications

Real-Time Data from Rotating Shafts

ACCU-APPLICATION Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace & Defense

Telemetry systems for Aerospace & Defense are often custom designed around the need for safe rotating machinery measurements in challenging conditions such as high EMI environments and high RPM. Measure and transmit temperature, strain, pressure, vibration, or torque from rotating shafts using single or multi-channel digital wireless techniques.

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Accu Application Agriculture

Agricultural Equipment

Continuously monitor farm equipment power take off (PTO) torque in the field to determine the power delivered to the PTO shaft using single channel or custom multi-channel wireless telemetry systems. Use these real-world physical results to prove out theoretical designs and improve power efficiency and fuel economy for agricultural machinery.

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Directly measure and display actual dynamometer-like torque data in real time on axles and driveshafts in vehicles, including automobiles, ATVs, and racing vehicles. Fast sampling allows fast phenomena such as piston firing, gear mesh, and wheel skip/driveshaft wind-up torque spikes to be captured and analyzed. These battery and induction powered solutions measure torque, strain, temperature, and more.

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Accu Application Energy and Power Generation

Energy and Power Generation

Digital wireless telemetry systems offer protection and condition monitoring of electric generators and large mechanical drive systems. Monitor for rotor ground faults (earth faults) or measure temperature, voltage, or vibration for both brushed and brushless machines.

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Accu Application Industrial

Industrial Drive Process Monitoring

Continuously monitor torque or temperature on a rolling mill’s main drive for optimization of the milling process. Achieve maximum throughput without damaging motors and shafts through this active process feedback and track statistical trends for predictive maintenance.

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Marine Telemetry

Digital rotor telemetry systems transmit strain, torque, pressure, temperature, and vibration measurements from shafts, even those rotating at high RPM. Single and multi-channel systems can be used on electric drive ships as well as for conventional propulsion ships.

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Accu Application Railway


Single and multi-channel telemetry systems help users understand rail car wheel stress, torque, power, strain, and temperature to prove out designs or improve efficiency.

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