Energy and Power Generation Telemetry

Rotor Condition Monitoring and Ground Fault Detection

ACCU hydro power turbine generator rotor monitoringAccumetrics provides digital wireless telemetry systems for protection and condition monitoring of electric generators and large mechanical drive systems. We also specialize in design verification and troubleshooting tools for power generation equipment.

As part of PCB Piezotronics, our family of companies is focused on delivering solutions designed to enhance safety and increase uptime for Power Generation applications – from sensors to precision instrumentation. Learn more about our offerings - from vibration and pressure measurements, equipment rental, industrial hygiene tools, and more - all solutions are available through our global sales and service network.

  • Rotor Earth/Ground fault detection and insulation resistance monitoring on large synchronous motors and generators
  • Turbomachinery blade vibration testing
  • Rotor temperature monitoring on motors and generators
  • Torsional oscillation monitoring in turbine generator systems
  • Generator shaft measurements
  • Wind turbine shaft torsion and bending moment measurement

Application Notes