Single Channel Telemetry | Measurements from Rotating Shafts

Measure Torque, Strain, Temperature, Force, Vibration, Voltage

Accumetrics' comprehensive line of telemetry products includes battery and induction powered telemetry systems to meet the most demanding wireless torque, force, and strain measurement applications in a wide variety of industries from automotive to wind power to rolling mills and more. Our telemetry systems wirelessly and safely transmit real-time measurement data off of rotating shafts, including shafts rotating at high RPM.

Safe, Reliable, Non-Contact Torque and Strain Measurements Even at High Rotational Speed

How can Accumetrics solve your measurement challenges?

  • Speed | Measurements transmitted from shafts rotating at speeds as high as 17,000 RPM
  • Reliability | High data integrity and noise immunity: No interference seen from ignition, variable frequency motors, drills, etc.
  • Ruggedness | Stands up to harsh environments
  • Safety | Tired of tape? Equipment is securely fastened to the shaft with heavy-duty aramid fiber strap or split clamp collar
  • Ease of Installation | From standard EasyApp to custom split clamp collars, installation is quick and simple, in some cases taking as little as 5-10 minutes
  • Support | Accumetrics' commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS) ensures you'll get the support you need to solve your measurement challenges

Accumetrics' single channel systems are ideal for torque, temperature (thermocouple and RTD), and electrical measurements on drive shafts of motor-generators. These solutions serve as a rugged and non-contact alternative to slip rings.


Battery Powered Non-Contact Measurement Transmission

Need to perform torsion testing or take measurements on rotating shafts for a temporary application or in small spaces? Accumetrics' battery powered digital telemetry system, AT-5000 EasyApp is mounted to a shaft using a heavy-duty aramid fiber strap. Measure, digitize, and transmit data wirelessly off rotating half shafts, drive shafts, and rotors to a stationary receiver. The receiver converts the digital data to an analog output voltage.

AT-5000 battery powered telemetry systemAT-5000 EasyApp
Battery Powered Telemetry System for Short-Term Testing

  • Easy application and installation: 5-10 minute installation
  • Small size: typically requires only 3 inch radial envelope
  • Long operating life from internal battery: 95 hours for 1000 ohm strain gage (75 hours for 350 ohm gage)
  • Rugged and safe design
  • Suitable for high speed / high RPM shaft measurements
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Induction Powered Non-Contact Measurement Transmission

Need to take precise measurements on rotating shafts over a longer duration? Accumetrics offers induction powered solutions ideal for long duration applications where accuracy, resolution, low drift, and low noise levels are critical. The induction power eliminates the need for batteries. Sensor data is directly measured and digitized on a rotating shaft then transmitted off-shaft using wireless technology. The receiver outputs high bandwidth analog data.

AT-4500 Induction Powered Telemetry System Temporary InstallAT-4500 EasyApp
Induction Powered Telemetry for Medium-Term Installations

  • Simple-to-apply aramid fiber straps for small or large shaft diameters
  • A single transmitter can be reused on varied shaft sizes
  • Excellent rotor-to-pickup-coil movement tolerance
  • Rugged and safe design
  • Suitable for high speed / high RPM shaft measurements
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AT-4400 transmitter induction powered telemetry system permanent installAT-4400
Induction Powered Telemetry for Permanent Installations

  • High EMI immunity (usable near variable frequency drives)
  • Flexible output gain, offset, and filtering
  • Measurements on shafts rotating at high speeds (up to 17,000 RPM)
  • Rugged split-clamp collars ideal for long-term use
  • Stands up to corrosive or dirty environments
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Why Use Telemetry as a Replacement for Slip Rings?

When using slip rings for measurement, there is contact between the shaft and a stator which can cause:

  • Reliability issues
  • Maintenance difficulties
  • Brushes to wear out, requiring replacements

With wireless telemetry, there are no parts that rub against the shaft and wear out.