Multi-Channel Rotor Telemetry System | AT-7000

High Channel Count, High RPM Induction Powered Telemetry

AT-7000 multi channel rotor telemetry systemThe Accumetrics' Multi-Channel Telemetry System Series AT–7000 allows machine designers and maintenance personnel to measure exactly what is happening on the rotating components of their equipment while it is in operation—without the need for slip rings. The system can combine any customized mix of ordinary sensors: strain gages, thermocouples, RTDs, accelerometers, as well as motor/generator field voltages, currents, and ground fault currents. The measurements are continuously streamed to the user as analog (±10 V or 4-20 mA) or digital data.


General purpose rotating shaft sensor applications where multiple channels are needed:

  • Motor temperature monitoring 
  • Field voltage and currents on brushless designs 
  • Multi-channel strain measurement
  • ICP® (IEPE) accelerometer measurement 
  • Ground fault leakage current 
  • Torsional vibration


  • Dependable wireless replacement for slip rings 
  • Sensor data is measure and digitized on the rotor 
  • Modular construction allows for a variety of sensors to be monitored 
  • Rugged construction for high G force applications 
  • EMI resistant digital data 
  • Adaptable to RTD, thermocouple, strain gage, accelerometer, pressure sensor, and voltage inputs
  • Induction powered (no batteries) for continuous use
  • Custom solutions for specific combinations of sensors 
  • Robust split clamp collar, with standardized transmitter modules (other designs available) 
  • High accuracy and data integrity, with 12- or 16-bit digital resolution and anti-alias filtering on the rotor 
  • Wide selection of gains and bandwidths 
  • On the fly shunt calibration 
  • Analog and digital system data outputs

How It Works

With an AT-7000 System, sensor signals are amplified, anti-alias filtered, and 12-bit digitized while on the rotor. A data stream of digital data is wirelessly transferred off rotor by close proximity RF transformer coils (even when the shaft is not rotating). The digital data streams are carried by a coaxial cable to the remote receiver for digital output or conversion to analog voltage (±10 V typically). Software may be provided for control and data archiving of thermocouple data. The Multi-Channel Telemetry System Series AT-7000 is highly customizable and can be designed to meet your specific needs.


AT-7000 multi channel rotor telemetry system


AT-7000 stationary loop multi channel rotor telemetry system

Stationary Loop

AT-7000 receiver multi channel rotor telemetry system