Rent Single Channel Telemetry

Battery Powered Solutions for Short-Term Testing

AT-5000 battery powered telemetry systemAccumetrics’ Battery Powered Telemetry System Model AT‑5000 EasyApp is available to rent. The Modal Shop, our sister company, offers a wide range of instrumentation through their Test and Measurement Rental Program.

Model AT‑5000 offer a low profile, 12-bit resolution wireless telemetry measurement solution. A flexible antenna is designed for installation in a variety of locations. The system is installed with an aramid fiber strap and only requires 0.7 to 0.9 in radial shaft clearance. Each system rental includes:

  • Transmitter and antenna
  • Aramid strap for installation
  • Receiver
  • One-time use lithium battery

You can contact The Modal Shop’s Rental Team here via web form or by calling +1 513.351.9919.