Induction Powered Telemetry System | AT-4400

Permanent System for Wireless Measurements from Rotating Shafts

AT-4400 transmitter induction powered telemetry system permanent installThe Induction Powered Telemetry System AT-4400 is designed for permanent installations and offers 16 bit, high resolution, high accuracy, digital telemetry measurements. This system is ideal for precise torque measurements even at extremely high RPM, where accuracy and resolution are critical. Shaft mounting is in glass-laminate (G10) split collars, or in custom OEM kits for torque transducer manufacturers.

Unlike older analog FM rotary telemetry systems that are limited in accuracy and also subject to noise and dropouts, the AT-4400 Wireless Torque Telemetry System conditions and digitizes strain gage signals within a miniature transmitter module right on the rotor. With precision signal conditioning circuitry, 16-bit digital resolution, and digital data transmission off of the rotor, the AT-4400 provides extremely high precision torque transducer measurement capability. This single-channel telemetry system is inductively powered, allowing long-term monitoring without the need for batteries. A built-in shunt calibration function ensures the highest levels of accuracy and integrity. AT-4400 systems may be customized to meet a wide variety of applications.

When supplied as a shaft-mounted system, the transmitter module and rotating antenna are mounted in a split clamp-on collar customized to match the shaft diameter. This collar requires just 1.25 in. (~32 mm) of shaft length and 1.125 in. (~29 mm) of radial height. Users need only to adhesive bond strain gages to the shaft, clamp on the collar and mount the pick-up loop antenna to make torque measurements. Alternatively, AT-4400 series OEM-style telemetry kits allow manufacturers of precision torque transducers to configure their products without the use of sliprings, bearings or rotary transformers, creating an entirely new class of rotary torque transducers. 



  • Induction powered
  • Remote shunt calibration invoked at receiver
  • High data integrity and noise immunity
  • Rugged, trouble-free construction
  • Design flexibility
  • Ideal solution for long term use
  • Suitable for use at high RPM

Number of channels1
Digital resolution16 bits 
BandwidthDC-2 kHz, with a sampling rate of 26,484 samples/s
Inputsstrain gage (full-bridge) / RTD 
Outputstandard ±10V analog output (user adjustable)

AT-4400 transmitter induction powered telemetry system permanent install

AT-4400 Transmitter

AT-4400 receiver induction powered telemetry system permanent install

AT-4400 Receiver

AT-4400 induction powered telemetry system permanent install

AT-4400 Transmitter