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White Papers

Accumetrics offers technical information for topics related to methods for conditioning and transmitting strain, thermocouple, voltage, or ICP® signals on rotating or moving machinery. Available electronic versions of this information are offered below.

General Telemetry

Calibration-Strain Gage, Telemetry, DAQ

Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace High RPM Torque Measurement
Aerospace Pump Blade Monitor
AT-7400 NASA-Ames Helicopter Rotor Blade Telemetry
Brake Test Stand Temperature Monitoring


Drag Racing Driveshaft Monitoring
Driveshaft-Axle On-Track Torque Measurement
Noise and Vibration NVH Telemetry
Railroad Wheel Force Measurement
Truck Wheel Instrumentation

Energy & Power Generation

660 MW Generator Rotor Monitoring System
High Energy Motor Monitoring
Steel Mill Drive Motor Torque Monitoring
Wind Turbine Telemetry
Earth Fault Resistance Monitoring of Generators
Guarding Health, Availability of a Brushless Generator- Ground Fault
Hydro Power Turbine Generator Rotor Monitoring
Improve Hot Mill Cold Mill Throughput With Rotor Temperature Monitoring
Large Motor Monitoring System
Upgrading Rotor Ground Fault Protection


Torque Monitoring for Electric Drive Ships (High EMI)
Tugboat Drive Torque