Automotive and Vehicle Telemetry

Measure Torque on Axles and Driveshafts

ACCU APPLICATION AutomotiveDirectly measure actual dynamometer-like torque data on axles and driveshafts in vehicles, including automobiles, ATVs, and racing vehicles. Simultaneously display the data in vehicle and record for future processing with standard data acquisition systems. Fast sampling allows fast phenomena such as piston firing, gear mesh, and wheel skip/driveshaft wind-up torque spikes to be captured and analyzed. Accumetrics offers single channel and multi-channel systems, both induction and battery powered, to solve your challenging automotive test requirements. Our systems can help you:

  • Monitor torque on clutch assemblies
  • Measure accessory pulley torque
  • Measure torque and power on driveshafts and half-shafts
  • Make on-contact torque or strain measurements on vehicle drivetrains
  • Correlate passenger compartment moan noise to driveshaft torque for NVH improvements
  • Support powertrain development with prop shaft and torque measurements
  • Determine torque spikes (for example, during piston firing or clutch engagement), horsepower, fuel efficiency, and power consumption
  • Provide live data to understand engine performance
  • Monitor temperature and stress on braking components

Application Notes