Generator Ground Fault Monitoring System Upgrades

Monitor Deterioration of Rotor Windings, Protect Synchronous Machines

AT-8000 EFREM rotor earth fault resistance monitorAccumetrics' Earth Fault Resistance Monitoring (EFREM) Systems monitor deterioration of rotor winding insulation to protect synchronous machines. Robust and reliable, EFREM Systems offer active, continuous monitoring for ground faults in the field windings of generators or motors with brushless exciters, no matter if your system is running or not. Systems detect a fault prior to rotor damage - identifying both the location and severity of the fault for simple resolution.

Whether you need to outfit a new generator or retrofit an existing one, EFREM Systems are designed to gather objective data on the condition of your equipment to help prevent unplanned downtime. More than just a ground fault alarm, Accumetrics systems provide a continuous measurement of fault resistance, providing an early warning of insulation degradation and advanced notice of the need for field coil rewind.

Continuous Data Trending

  • Provides data 24 / 7 - whether the system is rotating or at a standstill
  • Automatically alerts operators of any system errors

Easy Installation and Retrofit

  • Installs with little to no shaft modification
  • Available with end-of-shaft or mid-shaft mounting configurations
  • Eliminates the need to remove the exciter or decouple from generator for installation
  • Interfaces directly to PLC, DCS, or SCADA systems, providing two relay alarms and 4-20 mA current loop resistance trending

Low Maintenance

  • Provides a rugged, reliable data stream - unlike slip rings or optical systems
  • Offers peace of mind - unlike older systems, which are often no longer supported

Protect Your Brushless Exciters...

  • Westinghouse Synchronous Generators
  • Siemens Generators
    • Such as Siemens 501F, Siemens 501G, and Siemens 501AA
  • GE Generators
    • Such as GE Frame 6, GE Frame 7, and GE Frame 9
  • And more

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