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Battery Powered Telemetry System | AT-5000

Directly Measure Torque on Rotating Shafts

Download Datasheet The AT-5000 EasyApp provides easy, dependable wireless measurements, including torque measurements, strain measurements, and more, from a rotating shaft. Measure torque live in real-time with this battery-powered, digital telemetry system. Featuring a low mounting profile and low power consumption, the system requires no shaft modifications and is fastened to the shaft using a single, sturdy aramid fiber strap. AT-5000 EasyApp is an ideal non-contact data transmission solution for applications requiring easy installation and dependable data retrieval, even in high RPM applications.

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  • Battery powered telemetry
  • Easily and safely secures to shaft with reusable aramid fiber strap
  • Small size, typically requires 3 in (76.2 mm) radial envelope
  • High data integrity and noise immunity
  • Low power transmitter provides longer battery life
  • Two systems (Channel A and B) can be used side-by-side for multi-channel requirements
  • Manual shunt calibration invoked at transmitter
Typical Applications
  • Torque testing for half-shafts / propshafts and driveshafts
  • Replacement of slip rings and in-line torque transducers
  • Torsional strain testing
  • RTD temperature measurement
  • Voltage measurement
  • Measuring data on high RPM shafts
AT-5000 Transmitter and P/U coilAT-5000 ReceiverAT-5000 Receiver
AT-5000 Transmitter for
> 0.9"/22.86 mm Diameters
AT-5000 Transmitter for
> 2.0"/50.8 mm Diameters 
AT-5000 Transmitter for
> 8.0"/203.2 mm Diameters


Transmit True Torque Data

The AT-5000 EasyApp utilizes a small battery powered transmitter mounted using an aramid fiber strap to directly measure, digitize, and transmit true torque data from rotating half-shafts, driveshafts, and rotors of all sizes and speeds. The system is also used for temperature, voltage, and acceleration sensing.

The AT-5000 EasyApp uses a long-life lithium battery to excite a strain gage and to power the AT-5000 telemetry electronics on the rotating shaft. The small signal resulting from torque applied to the shaft is amplified, anti-alias filtered, and digitized (typically at 11,718 samples per second). The digital data is reliably RF transmitted off the rotating shaft to a nearby pickup coil, which is connected to a receiver. The receiver converts the digital data to an analog voltage output (adjustable from 0 ± 1.0 to ± 10 volts). This DC to 1 kHz (or optionally higher) bandwidth voltage output can be fed directly to a data acquisition system, FFT analyzer, or an oscilloscope.

Transmitter Modules - Sampling Rate / Typical Bandwidth
Channel A Transmitter 7812 samples per second; DC to 1.2 kHz frequency response; 4 MHz transmitter
Channel B Transmitter 11,718 samples per second; DC to 1.2 kHz frequency response (DC to 5 kHz available); 6 MHz transmitter frequency. (Channel A and B units can be co-located for 2-channel use.)
Transmitter Module [1]
Non-linearity <0.1% of full scale (typical)
Digital Resolution 12-bit (0.025% of full scale)
Gain Drift 100 PPM/°C typical, exclusive of external gain resistor
Offset Drift 0.7 μV/°C typical (0 -85 °C)
Bandwidth DC to 1.2 kHz (up to 5 kHz bandwidth available; AC coupling also available)
Power Typically <4 mA current draw from 3.6 V battery, excluding sensor excitation
Temperature -40 to 185 °F (-40 to 85 °C) High Temperature option is available
Battery Voltage 3.6-volt open circuit; 3.4 volts loaded. Low battery indication is transmitted to receiver at approximately 2.7 volts.
Bridge Excitation 2/3 length AA. Single use Lithium battery. Note: Non-rechargeable batteries. Do not store or use in applications with exposure to >302 °F (150 °C) temperatures.
Battery Life 95 hours for 1000-ohm and 75 hours for 350-ohm strain gages, continuous use
Power 12 volts nominal (9 to 18 VDC) Optional AC power supply 90-240 VAC, 12 VDC output
Output Range. Signals, & Adjustments ±10 volts. Output gain can be adjusted to allow lower outputs (i.e. 5 volts). (RSSI) Received Signal Strength Indicator -2 to +4 volts (antenna signal strength). Zero adjust, Gain adjust, and Unipolar/ Bipolar output selection.
Dimensions (H x W x D) NEMA style box: 3 x 6 x 4.25 in (76.20 x 152.40 x 107.45 mm)
Temperature 32 to 125 °F (0 to 50 °ºC)
Pickup Coil Choices
Flexible Loop 24" (610 mm) ID includes 10 ft cable to receiver
Rigid Brass Loop Rugged 1/4" brass loop. 1.25" x 1.61" x 2.94" phenolic base. Includes 10 ft cable to receiver.
Transmitter Modules - Sensor Inputs
Full Bridge Strain Gage Including other bridge-style transducers, including pressure transducers, resistive accelerometers, load cells, torque transducers, etc.
Temperature Type K thermocouple is standard. Standard range is -58 to -750 °F (-50 to 400 °C). RTD sensors can also be used; contact Accumetrics.
Voltage 0 to 100 mV; external voltage divider can be provided for high voltage measurement.
Up to 2700 V measure with optional external dropping resistor
Housing Information
Transmitter for (22.86 mm) Diameters
Transmitter for > 0.9 in (22.86 mm) Diameters
Radial Height 0.78 in to 0.87 in (19.80 mm to 22.10 mm)
Axial Length 2.0 in (50.80 mm)
Weight 0.185 lb (0.085 kg)
Transmitter for (50.8 mm) Diameters
Transmitter for > 2.0 in (50.8 mm) Diameters
Radial Height 0.67 in to 0.76 in (17.00 mm to 19.30 mm)
Axial Length 2.0 in (50.80 mm)
Weight 0.152 lb (0.067 kg)
Transmitter for (203.2 mm) Diameters
Transmitter for > 8.0 in (203.2 mm) Diameters
Radial Height 1.0 in to 1.1 in max (25.40 mm to 27.95 mm)
Axial Length 2.0 in (50.80 mm)
Weight 0.233 lb (0.11 kg)