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Induction Powered Telemetry System | AT-4400

The AT-4400 is a 16 bit, high resolution, high accuracy, induction powered digital telemetry system. This system is ideal for precise torque measurements, where accuracy and resolution are critical. Shaft mounting is in glass-laminate (G10) split collars, or in custom OEM kits for torque transducer manufacturers.

  • Induction powered
  • Remote shunt calibration invoked at receiver
  • High data integrity and noise immunity
  • Rugged, trouble-free construction
  • Design flexibility
  • Ideal solution for long term use
  • Number of channels: 1
  • Digital resolution: 16 bits 
  • Bandwidth: DC-2 kHz, with a sampling rate of 26,484 samples/s
  • Inputs: strain gage (full-bridge) / RTD 
  • Output: standard +/- 10V analog output (user adjustable)

                        AT-4400 Transmitter

                          AT-4400 Receiver
      AT-4400 Transmitter: (shown mounted on a 21.3" OD, 3000 RPM shaft) Rotating clamp-collar assembly supplying excitation to user-installed strain gage and transmitting digital strain gage data to pickup antenna.
      AT-4400 torque telemetry on large drive shaft