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Rotor Earth Fault Resistance Monitor | AT-8000

Ground Fault Monitor for Synchronous Generators

The AT-8000 Earth Fault Resistance Monitor (EFREM) provides continuous wireless monitoring of insulation fault resistance and field voltage on brushless exciter generator/motor field windings, combining advanced ground fault measurement techniques with the latest innovations in digital telemetry. The system also provides users with condition monitoring data, allowing operators to monitor trends over time in order to make better informed operational and maintenance decisions.

Learn more about avoiding unnecessary downtime with Accumetrics' EFREM.

  • Continuous online monitoring of faults while rotating or at standstill 
  • Fault resistance trending 
  • Fault location indicator 
  • Continuously monitors field excitation voltage 
  • Alarm relay contact outputs
  • Rotor protection through condition based maintenance 
  • Predictive maintenance for large generators and motors

      Mid-shaft EFREM
      EFREM Receiver