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Multi-Channel Telemetry

Our induction powered Multi-channel Telemetry System allows machine designers and maintenance personnel to measure exactly what is happening on the rotating components of their equipment while it is in operation - without the need for slip rings.

Induction Powered Solution:

The AT7000 multi-channel systems can combine any customized mix of ordinary sensors: strain gages, thermocouples, RTDs, accelerometers, as well as motor/generator field voltages, currents and ground fault currents. The received data is continuously streamed to the user as analog (+/- 10V or 4/20mA) or digital data.

  • Inductive powered for long term operation 
  • Receiver Outputs: digital, analog 4/20mA and +/- 10V 
  • Mounting with split clamp-on collars or customized end of shaft packages 
  • Customized solutions for specific combinations of sensor needs 
  • End of shaft and mid shaft versions available
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